(a)   Recreational Vehicle: A vehicular-type unit built on or for the use on a chassis and designed primarily as living quarters for recreational, camping, vacation or travel use and which has its own motive power or is mounted on or drawn by another vehicle, and which has a body width not exceeding eight (8) feet and a body length not exceeding forty (40) feet.

(b)   Recreational Vehicle Park: A site where one or more lots are used, or intended to be used by campers with recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicle parks include water, sewer, and electric hook ups to each lot. They are intended as a higher density, more intensely developed use than a campground. May include accessory retail uses where they are clearly incidental and intended to serve Recreational Vehicle Park patrons only.

(Ord. 42011; Code 2013)

(a)   The city council must approve all applications and permits for the location of any recreational vehicle parks or recreational vehicles to be used for occupancy on any lot or tract of land within the city.

(b)   Every owner must obtain a valid permit to locate any recreational vehicle or vehicles on private property to be used as a recreational vehicle park, following the application procedures below. Such permit will be issued annually to the owner, after approval by the city council, to expire on the thirty-first (31st) day of December in the year in which issued. The owner may renew the license upon application in writing for a renewal permit and after re-inspection by the city building inspector, and upon payment of the annual permit fee.

(c)   All applications for permits to locate any and all recreational vehicle parks on private property within the city, shall be accompanied by the payment of the fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per hookup.

(d)   All applications for permits under this article shall contain the following:

(1)   Name and address of the applicant of hook ups.

(2)   Location and legal description of the property where vehicle parks are to be placed.

(3)   The area and dimensions of the tract of land within minimum setbacks of three (3) feet on each side of the vehicle, ten (10) feet rear and front setback for each recreational vehicle and twenty (20) feet from any wall or other structure presently situated on the lot.

(4)   A scale drawing showing the number, size, and location of each hook up, including parking areas.

(5)   The location of water and sewer lines which each recreational vehicle must utilize and pay the minimum for such use.

(6)   Signature of recreational park owner responsible for paying the minimum city utility payments to include water, sewer and refuse, for each recreational vehicle placed on the property. The owner of the recreational park, who is also the applicant, must pay a water and sewer deposit at the current rate at the time of the application approval, which comports with section 15-105 of the city code.

(e)   The application shall be on forms provided by the City. The application shall be signed and filed by the owner of the property where recreational vehicle parks are to be located, with an affidavit of the applicant as to the truth of the application and shall be sworn before a notary public.

(Ord. 42011; Code 2013)

(a)   To insure the continuity and character of White City's main thoroughfare, no recreational vehicle park shall be located on any lot abutting Mackenzie Street, White City, Kansas other than those already existing prior to the enactment of this article (Ord. 42011).

(b)   Recreational Vehicles shall not be placed on any lot or in any manner in which would obstruct vision of any roadway, alley or traffic right of way or constitute a danger or health hazard within the city.

(Ord. 42011; Code 2013)

Such recreational vehicle park now placed on lots not in confonnity with the minimum requirements set forth herein, at the time of adoption of this ordinance (Ord.42011) are hereby declared impermissible, but grand fathered in if in place prior to the date of the enactment of this ordinance. Such existing recreational vehicle park still must comply with section 4-502(d)(6) in that a party must be designated as legally responsible for such payment of minimum city utilities. Designation must be made in writing and on file with the city clerk. Any existing recreational vehicle park failing to do shall be given fourteen (14) days written notice to comply or such utilities shall be disconnected until the reconnection fee is paid and the legally responsible party is submitted in writing to the city clerk. This clause as applied to pre-existing recreational vehicle parks shall apply only to the owner/occupant prior to enactment of this ordinance.

(Ord. 42011; Code 2013)